The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible.

The first player chooses either any single or set of cards of equal value to start the round. The other players, in a clockwise turn base fashion, will then get their turn to pass or beat the previous play.

A single card is beaten by any higher single card. A set of cards can only be beaten by a higher value set containing the same number of cards. For example, a single 6 beats a single 5, and a pair of 8s is beaten by two 9s.

Jokers are the strongest cards of the game. They beat any cards or set of cards.

The Special Cards represent the second highest value in the deck. A single Special Card can beat any normal card and any set of two cards. A pair of Special Cards beats any set of three cards, and three Special Cards beats any set of four cards.

Whoever wins the hand by playing the highest card has the privilege to start the next hand by playing any card or set of equal cards.

Social Ranks

Social ranks are awarded to players at the end of each round. The first player to get rid of all his cards is awarded the title of President, then Vice-President, Secretary and finally, the last player becomes the Janitor.

Each title is seated in a chair which reflects the player’s social rank. For example; the President is given a luxurious armchair whereas the Janitor sits on a toilet bowl. All players sit around the table to the left of the president in order of social rank.

The Janitor is responsible for dealing and clearing away the cards. Cards are delt out in a clockwise fashion from the highest to the lowest social rank until the entire deck is deplited.


Once all cards are delt out, the Janitor exchanges his two highest cards for the President’s two lowest. Similarly, the Secretary gives his highest card in exchange for the Vice-President’s lowest card.

The President then starts the next round by playing any card or set of cards and the game continues as before.

Points, or pts, are awarded to players at the end of each round for their acquired title and for promotions, if it is the case. The President receives 100 pts, the Vice-President: 50 pts and the Secretary: 25 pts. For climbing the corporate ladder; 100 pts for climbing 3 positions, 50 points for climbing 2 positions and 25 points for climbing 1 position.


Select the card or set of cards you wish to play by sliding your finger over the specific cards.

Once you are satisfied with the selection, press the “Play” button.

To pass, or when you can’t play any of your cards, press the “Pass” button.