Q. What does TRUDUKU mean anyway?
A. It's Japanese, just like SUDOKU and should be pronounced accordingly. Ok, ok, maybe it's not really Japanese, but see the next question.

Q. I just went over the how to play section and this game sounds just like this other great game called ***some nasty word*** is it the same game?
A. It probably is but we can't tell you because we don't say nasty words over here. Really.

Q. Why is the game rated 12+ for Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References. Aren't those things bad for kids?
A. Although there might be concerns about the safety of playing with obviously genetically modified vegetable characters, the mad scientist behind the experiment tell us everything is just fine. The rating issue happened because the bar scene picture was taken before the busboy could cleanup after the previous group left our table. We are arranging for a new picture to be taken and the only thing you will see then will be crackers, natural fruit juice and fizzy water.

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